BODYTEC ™ tattoo needles High-quality textured tattoo needles

BODYTEC™ offers selected textured tattoo needles. A tattoo professional will find wide assortment of needle configurations for work with different tattoo machines, colours and styles. Long, medium and short tapers and different needle gauges. BODYTEC™ tattoo needles being manufactured from increased hardness steel stay sharp during the whole work session and don't leave metal parts in the skin, ensuring better healing.
BODYTEC ™ studio equipment Equipment for tattoo studios and professionals

BODYTEC ™ tattoo armrests are known for their high quality and functionality. BODYTEC ™ armrest is easily adjustable with an eccentric. A pad with adjustable 180 degrees angle makes BODYTEC ™ armrest essential for working on the shoulder and forearm. Armrest base is covered with easy to clean polymer resistant to scratching. The armrest is compact and weights only 3 kgs, it's. easy to assemble and disassemble and may be comfortably transported and used at the tattoo conventions.